Introductory Questions

1. Hi! My name is Camera Cottingham and I'm a senior majoring in Communication Design and Anthropology with a minor in Astrophysics.

2. I have a background in studio art, photography and ComDes. I became really interested in this class after taking Comp Sci 131 in the Engineering School. I'm really excited to learn about HTML and see what new skills I can develop!!

3. I do not know HTML/CSS/JS.

4. I am mostly looking forward to learning about the mechanics behind making/building a website.

5. I expect designing for the screen to be different in terms of how small errors will be more apparent. I also think simplicity will be important, so the viewer will not be easily overwhelmed.

6. Humans of New York This website does an amazing job of discovering its purpose and completing the task in a simple way. It manages to fit a snapshot of a person's life in a concise format.

7. Instagram When I think of communication, social media is the first thing that pops into my head. It is one of the primary forms of interaction between the people of my generation and younger. This website is easy to use in how it allows a person to scroll up/down to see new content and how the major functions of the application are laid out on the main screen with simple logos identifying their functions.

8. Banksy I have had an obsession with Banksy for as long as I can remember and their website reflects the mystery which surrounds them. It's constantly changing format gives a feeling of being a part of a secret.